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Acker, Stacey (Bmech), Knee Joint Modelling, Gait Analysis, Orthopaedic and Occupational Biomechanics of the Lower Limb

Callaghan, Jack (Bmech), Injury Mechanisms, Spine, Occupational Biomechanics, Ergonomics

Dickerson, Clark (Bmech), Occupational Biomechanics, Shoulder Mechanics

Duncan, Robin (P/B), Nutritional Sciences, Nutrigenomics, Lipases, Phospholipases, Lipid Metabolism, Cancer, Diabetes

Giangregorio, Lora (P/Clin), Bone Health/Osteoporosis and Rehabilitation

Hall, Peter (Psych/N), Health Psychology, Social Neuroscience

Hughson, Richard (P/B), Physiology, Cardiorespiratory and Vascular Dynamics

Keller, Heather (P/B), Work Physiology and Biochemistry

Laing, Andrew (Bmech), Impact Biomech., Aging, Falls, Occupational Biomech., Ergo.

McGill, Stu, (Bmech), Prevention and Rehabilitation of Back Troubles

McIlroy, Bill (Neuroscience), Neural Control of Movement and Neurorehabilitation

Middleton, Laura (N), Exercise, Cognition, and Brain Function

Mourtzakis, Marina (P/B), Nutrition, Exercise, Metabolism, Health & Disease

Niechwiej-Szwedo, Ewa (Neuroscience), Development of  Visuomotor Control

Prentice, Steve (Bmech), Control of Gait

Quadrilatero, Joe (P/B), Apoptosis, Oxidative Stress, Muscle Physiology, Immunology

Roy, Eric (N), Neurocognitive and Neuromotor Mechanisms

Rush, James (P/B), Vascular Dynamics and Muscle Physiology

Staines, Richard, Neuroscience and Sensorimotor Control

Stark, Ken (P/B), Nutrition, Fatty acid Metabolism, Diet and Health

Theberge, Nancy, Sociology, Ergonomics, Work and Health

Tupling, Russ (P/B), Muscle Physiology, Muscle Fatigue, Metabolic Rate/Obesity

Wells, Richard (Bmech/Ergo), Upper Extremity Disorders


Research Assistant Professor:

Dee Kramer


Adjunct Lecturer:

Burns, Robert,
Head Athletic Therapist, Dept of Athletics and Rec. Services

Mr. Burns will provide sports medicine expertise as needed for the undergraduate program in Kinesiology.


N: neuroscience P/B: physiology biochemistry P/Clin: physiology and clinical kinesiology
Bmech: biomechanics Psych: psychology Ergo: ergonomics