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Sue Shaw Research Biography

Susan M. Shaw

BPE, MSc(Dalhousie), PhD(Carleton)

Professor, Cross-Appointed to Sociology

Office: BMH 2112
Phone: (519) 888-4567, ext. 35019

S.M. Shaw

Research interests:

  • Leisure and Gender
  • Family Leisure
  • Leisure and Resistance
  • Leisure, Health and Well-being
  • Developmental Aspects of Leisure
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Courses taught:

Selected publications:

  • Shaw, S.M., & Henderson, K.A. (2005).  Gender analysis and leisure constraints: An uneasy alliance.  In Jackson, E.L. (Ed.). (pp. 23-34).  Constraints to Leisure.  State College, PA:  Venture Publishing.
  • Shaw, S.M., Andrey, J., & Johnson, L.C. (2003).  The struggle for life balance:  Work, family, and leisure in the lives of women teleworkers.  World Leisure, 45(4), 15-29.
  • Shaw, S.M. (2001). Conceptualizing resistance: Women's leisure as political practice. Journal of Leisure Research, 33(2), 186-201.
  • Shaw, S.M., & Dawson, D. (2001). Purposive leisure: Examining parental discourses on family activities. Leisure Sciences, 23(4), 217-231.
  • Shaw, S.M. (1999). Men's leisure and women's lives: The impact of pornography on women's lives. Leisure Studies, 18(3), 197-212.
  • Henderson, K.A., Bialeschki, M.D., Shaw, S.M., & Freysinger, V.J. (1996). Both Gains and Gaps: Feminist Perspectives on Women's Leisure. University Park, PA: Venture Publishing.
  • Book in Press:
    Rojek, C., Shaw, S.M. and Veal, A.J. (Eds.)(2006). Handbook of Leisure Studies. New York: Palgrave.