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Listen to podcast discussing our paper on brain blood flow in astronauts recently published in American Journal of Physiology (go to Journal website).

Our research program has three major components:

Vascular Aging and Brain Health

Through the support of the UW-Schlegel Research Institute for Aging Professor Hughson holds the Schlegel Research Chair in Vascular Aging and Brain Health. We study factors related to cardiovascular health with aging. One focus is on blood pressure regulation and its impact on brain blood flow to help us understand some of the factors that could contribute to falls in the elderly, especially those that occur on rising from bed. Another focus is on aging blood vessels. We have reported a strong link between peripheral arterial stiffness and a reduction in brain blood flow (Robertson AD, Tessmer CF, Hughson, RL. Association between arterial stiffness and cerebrovascular resistance in the elderly. J. Human Hypert. 24: 190-196, 2010). We are currently funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research to investigate the link between cardiovascular health and brain health.
New for 2014
The RIA, and our research lab, will soon have a new home in the world's first integrated research - long-term care - retirement community located on a university campus. See more details about the new Research Institute for Aging's Learning, Research and Innovation Centre.

Space Physiology Research

Our space research program is very active. We recently completed the study Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Control on Return from the International Space Station (CCISS). See the links to research results below. We are currently collecting data for the project Cardiovascular Health Consequences of Long-Duration Space Flight (Vascular). Chris Hadfield will be the next subject for this experiment. Chris will also be the first subject for the experiment BP Reg - Blood pressure regulation in space and on return to Earth. We also have another proposal being developed for space flight opportunities. In addition to space flight, we also take part in simulation studies including the Women's International Space Simulation for Exploration (WISE-2005) and the Short-Term Bed Rest with Artificial Gravity which were completed at the MEDES facility in Toulouse. Some of the important recent observations in the study of the cardiovascular system with space flight have been reported in a recent article (Hughson RL. Recent findings in cardiovascular physiology with space travel. Respir Physiol Neurobiol 169 Suppl 1: S38-S41, 2009). All of this research is being funded by the Canadian Space Agency. There are links to web sites below.

Cardiovascular Adaptation to Exercise

The basic research program represents a true integrative approach to studies of cardiovascular control in young, healthy individuals during exercise or with changes in posture. We have studied breath-by-breath oxygen uptake in the adaptation to exercise challenges, and we were among the very first to apply Doppler ultrasound technology to measure blood flow to working skeletal muscle. A key recent observation was the effect of prior circulatory occlusion on blood flow and oxygen consumption during subsequent exercise (Faisal A, Dyson KS, Hughson, RL. Prolonged ischemia impairs muscle blood flow and oxygen uptake dynamics during subsequent heavy exercise. J Physiol 588: 3785-3797, 2010). This basic physiology research is being funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

Honours and Awards received by Prof. Hughson
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Honour Award, 1997.
University of Waterloo Award for Excellence in Research, 2000.
University of Waterloo, University Research Chair, 2004.
University of Waterloo, Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision, 2005.
Schlegel Research Chair in Vascular Aging and Brain Health, 2010

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Here are some links that take you to the descriptions of the experiments and the biographies of the CCISS and Vascular astronauts
The CCISS info page at NASA and at the CSA.

Meet the CCISS and Vascular astronauts!
Clay Anderson    Dan Tani
Mike Fincke - check out Mike's tour of ISS from his earlier mission (10-min long)    Sandy Magnus
Mike Barratt    Tim Kopra
Bob Thirsk- Canada's first long-duration astronaut!
Links to Bob Thirsk's videos from space:
Get Fit for Space
Working out on the ARED
Soyuz launch
Here are the Vascular astronauts' biographies.
The Vascular info page at NASA and at the CSA.
Jeff Williams    Tracy Caldwell
Shannon Walker    Cady Coleman
Mike Fossum    Satoshi Furukawa
Don Pettit

Listen to the interviews about our international research activities on bed rest and space flight from CBC's Quirks and Quarks with Bob McDonald.

CSA WISE-2005 bed rest story

ESA stories on WISE-2005 and men's 90d bed rest This page has links to the different protocols within the WISE project and quite a few other interesting items.

WISE-2005, but all of the English language links seem to be taken down.

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1. Running in Star City, just outside Moscow, near statue of Yuri Gagarin
2. Setting up an astronaut for testing in Star City
3. Testing the brain blood flow response
4. Mike Barratt returns to Star City after 6-months in space