Dear Colleague and Cardiac Rehabilitation Provider,

A 25th anniversary is certainly a special milestone and cause for celebration. As I reflect on my career, I don’t remember ever contemplating the possibility of working in one place and in one field of work for a quarter of a century. That time has however arrived for me. I greet it with both happiness as well as enthusiasm.

Happiness, as I recall the achievements, the overcoming of obstacles, the unforeseen expansion of the clinic, and the many great people I have had the opportunity of working with and on behalf of. I am grateful for the opportunity of working in a pioneering field and watching that field develop, expand, and demonstrate a true benefit to mankind.

Enthusiasm, as, among many projects, I contemplate hosting a symposium on Cardiac Rehabilitation. The idea of this symposium came to me as I started my 25th year in practice. I remembered, in 1975, as an intern, attending a symposium in Cardiac Rehabilitation, hosted by the world pioneer, Dr. Terence Kavanagh. This new field and the subsequent encouragement by Dr. Kavanagh to train under him as his clinical fellow captivated me. I changed my plans to pursue a residency in Cardiology, and gambled on a field of practice that was questioned with respect to its financial viability as well as its effectiveness and efficacy.

Now, so many years later, I am proud of our successes, yet humbled by our need for ongoing learning and scientific development. I am forever grateful to my teachers, Dr. Terence Kavanagh and Dr. Roy J. Shepherd, and to the many scientists and practitioners who shared their knowledge at the many scientific meetings and conferences that I was fortunate to attend.

It is with this sentiment that I cordially invite you to attend the Ontario Aerobics Centre 25th Anniversary Cardiac Rehabilitation Symposium. I am grateful that some of the world masters, truly the top in their field, have consented to speak at the Symposium and share their knowledge. Although a relatively small venue, I am delighted to welcome you to our new facility. I encourage you to register early, as the seating is limited. Please join us for a memorable and informative day.

Yours sincerely,

John P. Schaman, M.D.